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ArtistReleaseLabelYear of ProductionAppears in...
Cyril ScottDada Et La MusiqueMuza191210 Magic Pianos
Filippo Tommaso MarinettiDada Et La MusiqueMuza1914, recorded 1935We Are the Machine
Vasily KamenskyBaku: Symphony Of Sirens. (Sound Experiments In The Russian Avant Garde)ReR Megacorp1917Letters & Numbers
Henry CowellPiano MusicSmithsonian Folkways192310 Magic Pianos
Nelson MorpurgoTo Mor Row. FUTURist POETRYVEC Audio Edition1923, recorded 1980Letters & Numbers
Fortunato Deperointerpreted by Enzo Minarelli on his Youtube channelnot on label1932, recorded 2020We Are the Machine
Johanna Magdalena BeyerSticky MelodiesNew World Records194310 Magic Pianos
Otto LueningOHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948 - 1980)Ellipsis Art1952Early Electronic Music
Paul de VreeRevue OUAlga Marghen1953, recorded 1962We Are the Machine
Augusto De CamposVerbivocovisual - A Poesia Concreta Em MúsicaArtemeios1956Enhanced Poetry
We Are the Machine
Gulfa-e-Ghani and ZareefParis To Calcutta (Men And Music On The Desert Road)Sublime Frequencies1956The Poetry of DIY
Henri ChopinAudiopoems? Records1957, 1970, 1973, 1974Vibrant Spaces
Letters & Numbers
Paul BowlesThe Pool K IIIDom America1958Filed Recordings
Else Marie PadeElectronic Works 1958-1995Important Records1958Early Electronic Music
Nam June PaikWorks 1958.1979Sub Rosa1958-60Fluxus is…
Cheikh Ayyad ou Haddou and EnsembleTellus #23 - The Voices Of Paul BowlesTellus1959White Lady from Maghreb
Halim El-DabhCrossing Into The Electric MagneticWithout Fear1959Letters & Numbers
Vladimir UssachevskyOHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (1948 - 1980)Ellipsis Art1960Ray-Dee-Oh
Terry RileyMusic For The GiftCortical Foundation1960Fluxus is…
Richard MaxfieldThe Oak Of The Golden DreamsNew World Records1960Early Electronic Music
Unknown ArtistBlack Star At The Point Of Darkness - Music, Stories, RecordingsSub Rosa1960White Lady from Maghreb
Brion GysinRevue OUAlga Marghen1960Letters & Numbers
Sun Ra and his ArkestraOut There A MinuteBlast First1960s (late)Just Checking
Daphne OramThe Oram Tapes: Volume OneYoung Americans1962Early Electronic Music
Jack SmithSilent Shadows On Cinemaroc IslandTable Of The Elements1962 - 1964New York in the Sixties
Emmett WilliamsTellus #24 - Flux TellusTellus1963Fluxus is…
Tod DockstaderQuatermassStarkland1963Early Electronic Music
Tom DisseveltPopular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Philips Research Laboratories (1956 - 1963)Basta1963Early Electronic Music
Paul de VreeRevue OUAlga Marghen1963Enhanced Poetry
Richard MaxfieldElectronic MusicNew World Records1963New York in the Sixties
Henri ChopinRevue OUAlga Marghen1963, 1967, 1969, 1972Vibrant Spaces
Axel MeijerAnthology Of Dutch Electronic Tape Music: Volume 1 (1955-1966)Composers' Voice 1964Early Electronic Music
İlhan MimaroğluFace The Windmills, Turn LeftFinnadar Records1964Early Electronic Music
Paul BowlesTellus #23 - The Voices Of Paul BowlesTellus1964, 1989White Lady from Maghreb
Joe JonesTellus #24 - FluxTellusTellus1965Fluxus is…
Bob CobbingPhonetische PoesieLuchterhand Verlag1965Enhanced Poetry
William S. BurroughsNothing Here Now But The RecordingsIndustrial Records1965New York in the Sixties
Ambient (1)
Henri ChopinThe Body Is A Sound Factory & Co.Alga Marghen1965, 1968, 1972Vibrant Spaces
Enhanced Poetry
Enore ZaffiriMusica ReticolareDie Schachtel1965-1968Early Electronic Music
Henri ChopinLa Peur And Co (1958-1979)? Records1966Vibrant Spaces
Alireza MashayekhiPersian Electronic Music: Yesterday And Today 1966 - 2006Sub Rosa1966Early Electronic Music
Gerald StrangCybernetic Serendipity MusicICA1966Early Electronic Music
bp NicholEar Rational . Sound Poems 1970-80New Fire Tapes1966Enhanced Poetry
Ernst JandlErnst Jandl liest Sprechgedichte – Laut und Luise / Hosi + AnnaWagenbachs Quartplatte1966Enhanced Poetry
Peter RoehrTonmontagen I + IISupposé1966Hello, USA!
Henry FlyntRaga ElectricLocust Music1966New York in the Sixties
Henry Flynt & The InsurrectionsI Don't WannaLocust Music1966New York in the Sixties
Plastic Clock Radio / Steve Weber / Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar / The Velvet Underground / Marion Brown, Scott Holt and Ron JacksonThe East Village OtherESP Disk1966New York in the Sixties
Tuli KupferbergNo Deposit No ReturnESP Disk1966The Poetry of DIY
New York in the Sixties
IntersystemsPeachyAlga Marghen1967More Poetry of DIY
The United States Of AmericaThe United States Of AmericaEsoteric Recordings1967Round World
Ken FriedmanFluxus AnthologyRecorthings & Zona Archives1967Fluxus is…
Delia DerbyshireThe Delian ModeSilva Screen1967Early Electronic Music
John CaleStainless Gamelan: Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume IIITable Of The Elements1967New York in the Sixties
Fluxus is…
The ZodiacCosmic SoundsElektra1967Tabla Love
Timothy Leary, Dr. Turn On, Tune In, Drop OutMercury1967Tabla Love
Lee Perry & The GayletsTrojan X-Rated Box Set – Rub Up Push UpTrojan Records1968Lee Perry (1968-78)
The Red KrayolaGod Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail with ItInternational Artists1968Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
Emmett WilliamsFluxus AnthologyRecorthings & Zona Archives1968Fluxus is…
The Master Musicians Of JoujoukaBrian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At JoujoukaRolling Stones Records1968White Lady from Maghreb
Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / Jack SmithDreamweapon IBoo-Hooray1968 (ca.)Raga not Raga
Angus & Hetty MacLiseThe Invasion Of Thunderbolt PagodaTable Of the Elements1968 - 1972The Poetry of DIY
The Hippy BoysReggae With The Hippy BoysTrojan Records1969Lee Perry (1968-78)
Soft MachineSpacedCuneiform1969Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Diane Di PrimaThe Dial-A-Poem PoetsGiorno Poetry Systems1969The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
Toshi IchiyanagiOpera "From The Works Of Tadanori Yokoo"Bridge1969A few Things from Japan
Ruth WhiteFlowers Of EvilLimelight1969Avant-garde Women
Barbara T. SmithPerformance Audio 1969-1988Small World1969Avant-garde Women
Eliane RadigueΣ = a = b = a + bPovertech Industries1969Avant-garde Women
Ladislav NovákText-Sound Compositions: A Stockholm FestivalFylkingen Records1969Enhanced Poetry
John CageCaged/Uncaged - A Rock/Experimental Homage To John CageCramps Records1969Hello, USA!
La Monte Young & Marian ZazeelaOceansnot on label1969New York in the Sixties
Third Ear BandAlchemyHarvest1969Jukebox (6): Twisted
CanLimited EditionUnited Artists Records1969, 1971More Poetry of DIY
Holy Krauts
Al Barry & The CimaronsThis Is Trojan Boss ReggaeTrojan Records1970Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Ramon & The CrystalitesDerrick Harriott Reggae Funk & Soul 1969-1975Dub Store Records1970Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Lee PerryTrojan Box Set ~ Upsetter – Early Shots At Randy's & Dynamic Sounds (1968-1972)Trojan Records1970Lee Perry (1968-78)
The UpsettersScratch The Upsetter AgainTrojan Records1970Lee Perry (1968-78)
Yoko OnoYoko Ono / Plastic Ono BandApple Records1970Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
OrganisationTone FloatRCA Victor1970Flokati
Raga not Raga
Suzanne CianiVoices Of Packaged SoulsDead-Cert Home Entertainment1970Avant-garde Women
Suzanne CianiLixiviation Ciani/Musica Inc. 1969-1985Finders Keepers Records1970Synthesis
Christopher HobbsEnsemble PiecesObscure1970-1972Seriously Ambient
Sound DimensionMojo Rocksteady BeatSoul Jazz Records1971Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
BröselmaschineBröselmaschinePilz1971Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Neil MillsExperiments In Disintegrating LanguageArts Council of Great Britain1971Enhanced Poetry
Erkki KurenniemiÄänityksiä / Recordings 1963-1973Love Records1971Synthesis
Abbie HoffmanWake Up, America!Big Toe Records1971Hello, USA!
bp Nicholbp NicholHigh Barnet Company1971Letters & Numbers
Neil Mills with Elaine MillsExperiments In Disintegrating LanguageArts Council of Great Britain1971Letters & Numbers
Yoko OnoFlyApple Records1971Tabla Love
Fluxus is…
KalacakraCrawling To Lhasaself released / Re: Garden Of Delights1972Holy Krauts
The Dynamic FourStudio One Roots Vol. 3Soul Jazz Records1972Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Jah-THurt So GoodTrojan Records1972Lee Perry (1968-78)
FaustSo FarPloydor1972Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
Ennio MorriconeDimensioni Sonore 3 - Musiche Per L'Immagine E L'ImmaginazioneDialogo1972Ambient Channel (3): Misty
KraftwerkKraftwerk 2Philips1972Ambient Channel (3): Misty
Charles AmirkhanianDisconnected (The Dial-A-Poem Poets)Giorno Poetry Systems1972Enhanced Poetry
Four HorsemenNada CanadadaHolidays Records1972Enhanced Poetry
FaustThe Faust TapesVirgin1973Holy Krauts
KraftwerkRalf & FlorianPhilips1973Holy Krauts
Timothy Leary & Ash Ra TempelSeven UpDie Kosmischen Kuriere1973Holy Krauts
The UpsettersDouble SevenBlack Art Records1973Lee Perry (1968-78)
Neu!Neu! 2Brain1973Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Ash Ra TempelStarring RosiKosmische Musik1973Just Checking
Ruth AndersonDump / State Of The Union Message / Tiger BalmOpus One1973Avant-garde Women
La Monte Young / Marian Zazeela / The Theatre Of Eternal MusicDream House 78'17"Shandar1973Raga not Raga
Henning ChristiansenOp. 50 Requiem Of Art (Aus "Celtic") Fluxorum Organum IIPenultimate Press1973Fluxus is…
Robert AshleyIn Sara, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Men And WomenCramps Records1973We Are the Machine
Gerhard RühmAusgewählte Kurze Hörstücke (1961-1987)Tochnit Aleph1973Enhanced Poetry
SeesselbergSynthetik 1Plate Lunch1973Synthesis
Charlemagne PalestineFour Manifestations On Six Elements (Golden 5)Alga Marghen197310 Magic Pianos
Lawrence WeinerTellus #5 & #6 - Audio By Visual ArtistsTellus1973Letters & Numbers
Alejandro JodorowskyAllen Klein presents Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy MountainABKCO1973Tabla Love
Jean C. RochéBirds Of VenezuelaL'Oiseau Musicien1973Filed Recordings
ClusterZuckerzeitBrain1974Holy Krauts
Keith HudsonPick A DubVP Records1974Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Lee "Scratch" Perry & Junior BylesBeat Down BabylonDoctor Bird1974Lee Perry (1968-78)
CanSoon Over BabalumaUniversal Artists1974Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
HarmoniaMusik von HarmoniaBrain1974Flokati
Laurie SpiegelThe Expanding UniverseUnseen Worlds1974Synthesis
Cornelius CardewFour Principles On Ireland And Other PiecesCramps Records197410 Magic Pianos
HarmoniaDocuments 1975Grönland Records1975Holy Krauts
Lee Perry & The UpsettersRevolution DubTrojan Records1975Lee Perry (1968-78)
Susan CadoganHurt So GoodTrojan Records1975Lee Perry (1968-78)
Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
The Mighty UpsetterEnter The DragonJustice League1975Lee Perry (1968-78)
Haruomi HosonoTropical DandyPanam1975Haruomi Hosono
Henry FlyntNew American Ethnic Music, Volume 2: SpindizzyRecorded1975More Poetry of DIY
NeuNeu! '75Brain1975Ambient Channel (3): Misty
Henri ChopinEdizioni Di Polipoesia Numero 13Vitre1975We Are the Machine
Conrad SchnitzlerFilmmusik 1Bureau B1975Synthesis
Don PrestonFilters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-82Sub Rosa1975Synthesis
Terry RileyLe Secret de la ViePhilips1975Tabla Love
Harmonia 76Tracks & TracesS31976Holy Krauts
The ResidentsFingerprinceRalph Records1976Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Piero UmilianiOmaggio Ad EinsteinOmicron1976The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
Osamu KitajimaBenzaitenIsland Records1976A few Things from Japan
Don CherryOm Shanti OmBlack Sweat Records1976Round World
Catherine Christer HennixSelected Early Keyboard WorksEmpty Editions1976Avant-garde Women
Bernard HeidsieckCanal StreetAl Dante1976Enhanced Poetry
Janice Felger / Joan HugoI.D. Art #2Los Angeles Free Music Society1976Big Egos
Lawrence WeinerZonaradio / Keeping TimeLa Box1976Big Egos
CanUnlimited EditionHarvest1976The Poetry of DIY
Greg Neutra / J.D. ElliotI.D. Art #2Los Angeles Free Music Society1976The Poetry of DIY
Jackie MittooStriker Showcase17 North Parade1977Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Keith RoweI Am The Upsetter (The Story Of The Lee "Scratch" Perry Golden Years)Trojan Records1977Lee Perry (1968-78)
The UpsettersThis Is Trojan DubTrojan Records1977Lee Perry (1968-78)
Jon HassellVernal EquinoxLovely Music, Ltd.1977Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Richard PinhasRhizosphereCobra1977Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Meredith MonkAirwavesOne Ten Records1977Just Checking
Cluster & EnoCluster & EnoSky Records1977Flokati
Bernard ParmegianiMémoire Magnétique, Vol​ 1. (Compilation De Bandes Magnétiques Inédites (1966-1990))Transversales Disques1977Synthesis
Tim BlakeCrystal MachineEsoteric Recordings1977Synthesis
Connie BeckleyAirwavesOne Ten Records1977Seriously Ambient
Jocy de OliveiraEstórias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acústicos e EletrônicoBlume1977Seriously Ambient
Enzo MinarelliPolypoetry 7: L.S.D. & Minarelli3Vitre1977-1985We Are the Machine
S.Y.P.H.Rare & Lost Into The FutureVinyl-on-demand1977 - 1986Raga not Raga
RiechmannWunderbarSky Records1978Holy Krauts
La DüsseldorfVivaStrand1978Holy Krauts
Augustus PabloEast Of The River NileMessage1978Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Gregory IsaacsTrojan Box Set ~ DubTrojan Records1978Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Norma White & Brentford Disco SetStudio One: Disco MixSoul Jazz Records1978Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Lee Perry & The UpsettersReturn Of The Super ApeVP Records1978Lee Perry (1968-78)
SparksNo. 1 in HeavenElektra1978Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori YokooCochin MoonLight In The Attic1978Haruomi Hosono
Ryuichi SakamotoThousand Knives OfBetter Days1978A few Things from Japan
Harry Hosono And The Yellow Magic BandParaisoAlfa1978Round World
Demetrio StratosCantare La VoceCramps Records1978Enhanced Poetry
Letters & Numbers
We Are the Machine
Zaan of the Jilala de TangerBlack Star At The Point Of Darkness - Music, Stories, RecordingsSub Rosa1978White Lady from Maghreb
Peter DownsbroughZonaradio / Keeping TimeLa Box1978Letters & Numbers
Don Cherry & Latif KhanMusic / SangamEuropa Records1978Tabla Love
Jon HassellEarthquake IslandTomato1978Tabla Love
Robert AshleyPrivate PartsLovely Music, Inc.1978Tabla Love
Ryuichi Sakamoto & The Kakutougi SessionSummer NervesCBS/Sony1979Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Piero UmilianiAtmospheresOmicron1979Jukebox (4): Night Mode
Windel HayeStudio One Dancehall - Sir Coxsone In The Dance: The Foundation SoundSoul Jazz Records1979Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
GrayShades Of...Plush Safe Records1979Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Thomas Leer & Robert RentalThe BridgeIndustrial Records1979Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Frankie MannLovely Little Records
Lovely Music, Ltd.1979Avant-garde Women
Patrick CowleySchool DazeDark Entries1980Jukebox (4): Night Mode
Dub SpecialistThe Legendary Studio One Records (Original Classic Recordings 1963-1980)Soul Jazz Records1980Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
BlancmangeIrene & MavisBlaah Music1980More Poetry of DIY
The Human LeagueTravelogueVirgin1980Ambient Channel (3): Misty
Magazzini CriminaliCrollo NervosoItalian Records1980Flokati
Holger HillerHolger HillerWarning Records1980Sekt oder Karies
Sentimentale Jugend & Einstürzende NeubautenAls die Partisanen kamenZensor1980Sekt oder Karies
Henri ChopinPoésie SonoreIgloo1980Vibrant Spaces
Phil HarmonicLovely Little RecordsLovely Music, Ltd.1980Ray-Dee-Oh
Futuro AnticoDai Primitivi All'ElettronicaBlack Sweat Records1980Raga not Raga
Round World
Sun RaHaverford College 1980 Solo PianoEnterplanetary Koncepts198010 Magic Pianos
Amiri BarakaPoets Read Their Contemporary Poetry: Before Columbus FoundationFolkways Records1980Hello, USA!
The Tiger in your Tank
Masahiro SugayaHorizon, Volume 1Empire of Signs1980sAmbient Japan
Yellow Magic OrchestraTechnodelicAlfa1981Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Fad GadgetOne Man's Meat (Remix)Mute1981Jukebox (4): Night Mode
GhostwritersObjects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They AppearRed Music1981Jukebox (4): Night Mode
GrauzoneGrauzoneOff Course Records1981Jukebox (4): Night Mode
Tom Tom ClubTom Tom ClubSire1981Jukebox (4): Night Mode
DevoEZ Listening MuzakFuturismo1981Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
Ike YardNight After NightLes Disques Du Crépuscule1981Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
New Age SteppersAction BattlefieldOn-U Sound1981Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
Der PlanNormalette SurpriseAta Tak1981More Poetry of DIY
The BeatniksExitentialismVap1981Ambient Japan
Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Yellow Magic OrchestraBGMAlfa1981Ambient Japan
Haruomi Hosono
Jon HassellDream Theory In Malaya (Fourth World Volume Two)Editions EG1981Round World
Andreas DorauDer lachende PapstZickzack Platten1981Sekt oder Karies
Conrad SchnitzlerCon 3Sky Records1981Sekt oder Karies
Deutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftGold und LiebeVirgin1981Sekt oder Karies
Die DominasDie DominasFabrikneu1981Sekt oder Karies
Die ZimmermännerLieber zuviel als zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81)Zickzack1981Sekt oder Karies
SternhagelSehr gut kommt sehr gutSchallmauer1981Sekt oder Karies
Carolee SchneemannFluxus Anthology 30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Sound EventsSlowscan1981Fluxus is…
Enzo MinarelliVoooxing PoooêtreRecital1981Enhanced Poetry
Carole CaroompasTarget Practicenot on label1981Big Egos
Dieter RothHarmonica CurseAudio Arts1981Big Egos
Amy TaubinJust Another Asshole #5Atavistic1981The Poetry of DIY
Sentimentale JugendS.J.Das Cassetten Combinat1981Jukebox (6): Twisted
Terry RileyMusic From MillsMills College1981-82Raga not Raga
ImitationMuscle And HeatKitty Records / Re: HMV Record Shop1982Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Yasuaki ShimizuKakashiBetter Days / Re: We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records1982Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
John RuthI Am A ModelTwenty-Two Records1982Jukebox (4): Night Mode
Judy Nylon and CrucialPal JudyOn-U Sounds1982Jukebox (4): Night Mode
TestpatternAprès MidiYen Records1982Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Haruomi HosonoPhilharmonyYen Records1982Haruomi Hosono
Dennis DragonVoices Of The Angels (Spoken Words)Freeway Records1982The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
Die Tödliche Doris" "Zickzack1982Sekt oder Karies
NegativlandPresents Over The Edge Vol. 2: Pastor DickSST Records1982Ray-Dee-Oh
Jerry DrevaVoices Of The Angels (Spoken Words)Freeway Records1982Hello, USA!
Klaus GrohVoooxing PoooêtreRecital1982Letters & Numbers
Unit 01 / Unit 09 / Unit 08XtraTrax1982The Poetry of DIY
Michael RotherFernwärmePolydor1982Jukebox (6): Twisted
Miharu KoshiTutuYen Records1983Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
The HeptonesBack On Top / In a Dancehall StyleBurning Sounds1983Reggae? – Some Seventies Smashers
Pink IndustryLow TechnologyZulu Records1983Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
Holger HillerEin Bündel Fäulnis in der GrubeAta Tak1983More Poetry of DIY
StanoContent to Write In I Dine WeathercraftAllChival1983More Poetry of DIY
Bill FontanaField Recordings Of Natural SoundsSierra Club1983Filed Recordings
Inoyama LandDanzindan-PojidonWe Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records1983Ambient Japan
Makoto InoueGodzilla LegendStarchild1983Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Midori TakadaThrough the Looking GlassRCA Red Seal1983Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Eitetsu HayashiMessenger Of The WindVictor1983A few Things from Japan
Freiwillige SelbstkontrolleÇa C'est le BluesZickzack1983Sekt oder Karies
Henry RollinsEnglish As A Second Language (Talking Package)Freeway Records1983Hello, USA!
Jill KroesenChicago '82: A Dip in the LakeLes Disques Du Crépuscule1983Big Egos
Kim RosenfieldEnglish As A Second Language (Talking Package)Freeway Records1983Big Egos
Magazzini Criminali MusicNotti Senza FineRiviera Records1983Big Egos
Abweichendes VerhaltenElektronik SamplerTransmitter Cassetten1983The Poetry of DIY
Jerry LindahlTellus #1Tellus1983The Poetry of DIY
MariahUtakata No HibiBetter Days1983Jukebox (6): Twisted
Apogee & Perigee月世界旅行Yen Records1984Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Masumi Hara4 X A DreamYupiteru Records1984Jukebox (4): Night Mode
Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Annie AnxietySoul PossessionCorpus Christi1984Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
Haruomi Hosono with Friends Of EarthS-F-XNon-Standard1984Haruomi Hosono
BoomTellus #3Tellus1984More Poetry of DIY
Masahide SakumaLisaJVC1984Ambient Japan
Pascal ComeladeBar Electric 1975. 2005Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier1984Ambient Channel (3): Misty
Ramuntcho MattaDomino OneMade To Measure1984Ambient Channel (3): Misty
Cardboard Air BandTellus #3Tellus1984Tellus!
Jamie Daglish and George ElliotTellus #2Tellus1984Tellus!
Kathryn HighTellus #5 & #6 - Audio By Visual ArtistsTellus1984Tellus!
Haruomi HosonoMercuric DanceMonad Records1984A few Things from Japan
Haruomi Hosono
23 SkidooUrban GamelanIlluminated Records1984Round World
Martin KippenbergerDie Rache der ErinnerungZickZack1984Sekt oder Karies
Brenda HutchinsonTellus #9 - Music With MemoryTellus1984Avant-garde Women
Christina KubischItalienische Stücke / Italian PiecesTochnit Aleph1984Avant-garde Women
The Android SistersSongs Of Electronic DespairVanguard1984Ray-Dee-Oh
Madeline RidleyVoices Of The Angels (Spoken Words)Freeway Records1984Hello, USA!
Richard PrinceTellus #5 & #6 - Audio By Visual ArtistsTellus1984Big Egos
Chris CarterMondo BeatMute1985Jukebox (4): Night Mode
Haruomi HosonoParadise ViewMonad1985Haruomi Hosono
Ryuichi SakamotoEsperantoSchool1985Ambient Japan
Anna Homler / Steve MoshierBreadwoman & Other TalesRvng Intl.1985Ambient Channel (3): Misty
Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd BartonMusic And Poetry of The KeshFreedom To Spend1985Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Marina La Palmamarinalapalma.comnot on label1985Just Checking
Walls of GeniusGod Bless AmericaRRRecords1985Just Checking
Janice SloaneTellus #10 – All Guitars!Tellus1985Tellus!
Joshua FriedTellus #8 – USA/GermanyTellus1985Tellus!
Marjorie van HalterenTellus #11 – The Sound of RadioTellus1985Tellus!
Jun Togawa Unit極東慰安唱歌Yen Records1985A few Things from Japan
Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
Noizunzuri抱擁Telegraph Records1985A few Things from Japan
Ingrid Wiener & ChorMoritat von der Eisenbahn / VermutlichExil-Schallplatte1985Sekt oder Karies
Santrra...und sonst niemand...Rebel Rec.1985Sekt oder Karies
SäurekellerHiroshimaUlan Bator1985Sekt oder Karies
Ellen FullmanThe Long String InstrumentSuperior Viaduct1985Avant-garde Women
Marina La PalmaCalifornia - Italia3ViTrePAIR1985We Are the Machine
Big Egos
William S. Burroughs + Gus Van SantThe Elvis Of LettersTim/Kerr Records1985White Lady from Maghreb
The New York IPSTellus #11 - The Sound Of RadioTellus1985Hello, USA!
Tom RecchionChaoticaBirdman Records1985The Poetry of DIY
Friends Of EarthSex, Energy And StarNon-Standard1986Future Japan – Technopop 1979-86
Graeme RevellThe Insect MusiciansMusique Brut1986More Poetry of DIY
Hiroshi YoshimuraSoundscape 1: SurroundMisawa Home1986Ambient Japan
Bill DrummondThe ManCreation Records1986Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Hiroshi YoshimuraGreenAIR Records Inc.1986Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Alexis AlrichTellus #14 – Just IntonationTellus1986Tellus!
Liquid LiquidTellus #12 – DanceTellus1986Tellus!
Sue Ann HarkeyFemiramaAuxilio De Cientos1986The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
Graeme RevellMusique Brut CollectionMute1986Flokati
Jorge Reyes & Antonio ZepedaA La Izquierda Del ColibríPhilips1986Flokati
Richard MartelCanada - Italy / Italia - Canada3ViTrePAIR1986We Are the Machine
Sussan Deihim / Richard HorowitzDesert Equations: Azax AttraCrammed Discs1986White Lady from Maghreb
Graeme RevellNecropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles (The Music Of Adolf Wölfli)Musique Brut198610 Magic Pianos
Ann MagnusonThe Uproar Tapes Volume 1Antilles1986Hello, USA!
CulturcideTacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary Americanot on label1986Hello, USA!
Wendy ChambersFemiramaAuxilio De Cientos1986Hello, USA!
John OswaldMystery Tapes – x2Mystery Tapes etc.1987More Poetry of DIY
Minus Delta TOpera DeathAta Tak1987More Poetry of DIY
Haruomi HosonoMurasaki Shikibu The Tale Of GenjiEpic/Sony1987Ambient Japan
Woody VasulkaTellus #17 – Video Arts MusicTellus1987Tellus!
Butthole SurfersLocust Abortion TechnicianTouch And Go1987Round World
Der PlanEs ist eine fremde und seltsame WeltAta Tak1987Sekt oder Karies
Jean-Claude GagnonCanada - Italy / Italia - Canada3ViTrePAIR1987Enhanced Poetry
Joe d’AgostinoTellus #17 - Video Arts MusicTellus1987Big Egos
Peter Rose / Fred CurchackTellus #17 - Video Arts MusicTellus1987Big Egos
I Nipoti del FaraoneI Nipoti del FaraoneTrax1987The Poetry of DIY
Yoshio OjimaOto No Wa: Selected Sounds of Japan 1988-2018We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records1988Ambient Japan
Gretchen BenderTellus #21 – Audio By Visual ArtistsTellus1988Tellus!
R.I.P. HaymanTellus #19 – New Music ChinaTellus1988Tellus!
Remko SchaTellus #22 – False PhonemesTellus1988Tellus!
Geinoh YamashirogumiSymphonic Suite AkiraInvitation1988A few Things from Japan
Dan LanderZooEmpreintes DIGITALes1988-90Ray-Dee-Oh
Big Egos
Haruomi HosonoHosono Box 1969-2000Daisyworld Discs1989Haruomi Hosono
Aqua RegiaThe Age Of AqueousIrdial Discs1989Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Nano S.Asmat Dream: New Music Indonesia, Vol. 1 (Sunda)Lyrichord1989Just Checking
Rais Mahamad Ben Mohammed and EnsembleTellus #23 – The Voices of Paul BowlesTellus1989Tellus!
Gary Clail / On-U Sound SystemEnd Of The Century PartyOn-U Sound1989The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
DamenbartImpressionen '71Dom Elchklang1989Flokati
Max MüllerSie ist aus HollandDie Tödliche Doris Schallplatten1989Sekt oder Karies
N.A.D.Dawn Of A New AgeBPM1990Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
WooInto The Heart Of LoveCloud Nine Music1990Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Leslie WinerWitchTransglobal1990The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological CatastropheJukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
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Michael HarrisonFrom Ancient WorldsNew Albion199010 Magic Pianos
William S. BurroughsDead City RadioIsland Records1990Hello, USA!
Don CherryMultikultiA&M Records1990Jukebox (6): Twisted
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Paul De MarinisMusic As A Second LanguageLovely Music, Ltd.1991Seriously Ambient
Aqua Regia vs. Rhythm Doc.Levels 1 - 5Irdial Discs1992Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
Baby FordBFORD 9Insumision1992Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
MuslimgauzeZul'mExtreme1992Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
The 13th TribePing Pong AnthropologyReview Records1992Round World
Brion GysinSelf-Portrait JumpingMade To Measure1992White Lady from Maghreb
SapphireTellus #26 - Jewel BoxTellus1992Hello, USA!
Acid JesusMove My BodyKlang Elektronik1993Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
Yellow Magic OrchestraTechnodonEastworld1993Haruomi Hosono
FlorenceDominionsNew Electronica1993The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
Stewart HomeStewart Home Comes In Your FaceSabotage Editions1993Ray-Dee-Oh
NegativlandFreeSeeland1993Hello, USA!
The Tape-beatlesThe Grand DelusionStaalplaat1993Hello, USA!
CylobCylobian SunsetRephlex1994Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
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The ResidentsGingerbread ManEuro Ralph1994Jukebox (6): Twisted
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Love, Peace & TranceLove, Peace & TranceEpic1995Haruomi Hosono
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WorkshopTalentL'Age d'Or1995Tabla Love
Gerhard PotuznikGerard DeluxeCheap1996Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
S.R.I.Grand SlamNTA1996Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
SpacepimpSpacepimpClear1996Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
Michael RotherEsperanzaRandom Records1996Just Checking
The Evolution Control CommitteeDouble The Phat And Still Tastelessnot on label1996The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
Christof MigoneHole In The HeadAvatar / OHM éditions1996Letters & Numbers
Laurie AndersonKlangkunstPrestel-Verlag1996Seriously Ambient
Philip JeckLoopholesTouch1996Seriously Ambient
Like A TimStay RealDjax-Up-Beats1997Perplex – New Electronic Mood Music
Allen GinsbergBeyond Life With Timothy LearyMercury1997The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
The Conet ProjectRecordings Of Shortwave Numbers StationsIrdial Discs1997Ray-Dee-Oh
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Rüdiger CarlBook / Virtual CowwsFMP1998Big Egos
Paul WilliamsSanta PodAsh International1999Filed Recordings
Uchu佛陀...Acid Mothers Temple1999Just Checking
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Zigaretten rauchenMännerColumbia2000More Poetry of DIY
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Filed Recordings
Esplendor GeometricoCompuesto de HierroGeometrik2002Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
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Yasuaki ShimizuSeventh GardenInvitation2004Ambient Japan
Seriously Ambient
Gregory WhiteheadWFMU live-to-air screamscape (with Kenny G.WFMU archive2004Ray-Dee-Oh
Carol StarrFluxus Anthology 2005not on label2005Fluxus is…
African Head ChargeVision Of A Psychedelic AfricaBeat Records2005Jukebox (6): Twisted
KhanDas Dieter Roth Orchester spielt kleine Wolken, typische Scheiße und nie gehörte MusikIntermedium Records 2006Letters & Numbers
Shrigley Forced To Speak With OthersShrigley Forced To Speak With OthersLateNightTales2006Big Egos
Werner DurandMusic Dances ItselfSonic Arts Network2006Seriously Ambient
Jacques Palminger and The Kings Of Dub RockMondo CherryPlay It Again Sam2008Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum
KühnKabelbrand - Sounds From The Max Brand SynthesizerMoozak2009Synthesis
People Like UsWelcome AbroadIllegal Art2010More Poetry of DIY
Brian EnoFilm Music 1976-2020Opal Records2011Ambient Channel (3): Misty
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Enzo MinarelliFamePogus Productions2012We Are the Machine
Werner Durand / Amelia Cuni / Victor MeertensProcessionsBesom Presse2012-2016Raga not Raga
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Leslie WinerRoundup ReadyLight In The Attic2013Jukebox (6): Twisted
WranglerLA SparkMemeTune2014Jukebox (3) – Dream Dizzy
MalayeenMalayeenAnnihaya Records2014Ambient Channel (2): En Route
Charlie MorrowToot! TooRecital2014Fluxus is…
BJNilsenMassif TrophiesEditions Mego2015Filed Recordings
Félix BlumeDeath in Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands & Sounds from Port au PrinceDiscrepant2016Filed Recordings
Ghédalia Tazartès / Paweł Romańczuk / Andrzej ZałęskiCarp's HeadMonotype Records2016Ambient Channel (2): En Route
The Dwarfs of East AgouzaBesNawa Recordings2016Flokati
David SheaPiano IRoom40201610 Magic Pianos
Renaldo & The LoafGurdy HurdingKlanggalerie2016The Poetry of DIY
Gazelle TwinKingdom ComeThe Vinyl Factory2016Jukebox (6): Twisted
The CaretakerEverywhere at the End of Time - Stage 3History Always Favours The Winners2017Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Saba AlizâdehScattered MemoriesKarlrecords2017Just Checking
Egidija MedekšaitėTekstilė | TextileLithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre201710 Magic Pianos
BiosphereThe Senja RecordingsBiophon Records2019Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift
Dadang Dwi SeptiyanAnthology of Contemporary Music from IndonesiaUnexplained Sounds Group2020Ambient Channel (2): En Route
AppleblimUngoverned & UngovernableSynesthesia Media2020The Tiger in your Tank – Addressing the Ecological Catastrophe
EquiknoxxBasic Tools MixtapeEquiknoxx Musiq2021Jukebox (6): Twisted
Angus MacLise / Tony ConradDreamweapon IIIBoo HoorayundatedNew York in the Sixties
Al HansenFluxus Anthology 30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Sound EventsSlowscanunknownFluxus is…