More Poetry of DIY – Using the Means at Hand

The second program about turning ideas into sound: a politician’s elusion becomes poetry, music of the collective subconscious is transferred into a dreamy landscape, and insects’ microtonal sounds get rhythmic.

36-minute program featuring works by Blancmange, Graeme Revell, Gregory Whitehead, Holger Hiller, and others – realized between 1967 and 2011.

Featured cover art: People Like Us – Welcome Abroad

John Oswald – x2-d

a glimpse into the artists’s cornucopia of essential and vivacious sounds from everywhere and whenever, mapped into vortextual sequences and overlaps (1987, Mystery Tapes etc.)

Blancmange – Modichy in Aneration

emerging from London’s DIY punk scene, this track appeared on the synth-pop duo’s debut 7” (1980, Optimo Music)

Minus Delta T – Young Social Democrat

passage from the avant-garde opera that premiered in West-Berlin (1987, Ata Tak)

Intersystems – A Cave In The Country a.k.a. Draped In Fluorescent Orange

musique concrète with a Moog Modular System – from outside the academia, inspired by LSD (1967, Alga Marghen)

Henry Flynt – Solo Virginia Trance

having coined the term concept art in 1961, this is Flynt’s anthropological approach at the music of Appalachia, referred to as New American Ethnic Music (1975, Recorded)

Gregory Whitehead – As We Know

working with a quote by US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld about known and unknown knowns (2004, Galerie West)

Can – E.F.S. (Ethnological Forgery Series) No. 10

imitating world music with the means at hand (1969, United Artists Records)

Graeme Revell – La Danse Des Tenebres (Dance Of Shadows)

arranging treated microtonal sounds of beetles, cicadas, field crickets, grasshoppers, and hive bees on a computer (1986, Musique Brut)

Cornershop – When The Light Appears Boy

Allen Ginsberg poem embedded in a soundscape from Punjab (1995, Wiiija Records)

Boom – Spy

probably a one-hit wonder, appearing on New York’s legendary tape label Tellus (1984, Tellus)

Stano – Vixen

from the non-musician‘s first LP (1983, AllChival)

People Like Us – Sing

transferring music of the collective subconscious into a dreamy landscape (2010, Illegal Art)

Holger Hiller – Budapest – Bukarest

pioneering sampling technology and subtly showing a new direction for electronic music (1983, Ata Tak)

* 6 of the 13 tracks are not present in the Spotify database

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