Ambient (1)

Ambient (1)

First in a longer series of mixes with Ambient music from various backgrounds. 50 minutes with works by Ash Ra Tempel, Marina La Palma, Meredith Monk, Uchu, and others, relized between the early 1960’s and 2017.

Only four of the 10 tracks are on Spotify.

Uchu – Ai

no synthesizer, no sampler, no programming, only guitars! (1989, Namu)

Nano S. – Jemplang Polansky

continuing the music of his Indonesian ancestors (1989, Lyrichord)

Saba Alizâdeh – Fluid

Persian music instruments meet electronics (2017, Karlrecords)

Meredith Monk – Procession

a voice beyond words (1977, One Ten Records)

William S. Burroughs – Just Checking Your Summer Recordings

playing with a reel-to-reel (early 1960’s, Industrial Records)

Walls of Genius – Letter To Dan Fogelberg

the mind of a true fan (1985, RRRecords)

Michael Rother – Spirit Of ’72

remembering a time long gone (1996, Random Records)

Ash Ra Tempel – Day-Dream

a hippie fairytale (1973, Kosmische Musik)

Sun Ra and his Arkestra – Love In Outer Space

rhythms from other spheres (late 1960’s, Blast First)

Marina La Palma – Djuna

from the visual artist’s musical oeuvre (1985,

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