The subscription only tape label Tellus documents New York’s expansive art scene between 1983 and ’93 with audio works, thus compiling a varied and dense collection of artistic concepts. Rooted in Downtown’s No Wave movement, Tellus’ 26 releases champion works of women and gay artists. 29-minute-program featuring tracks from 13 releases, with pieces by Cardboard Air Band, Gretchen Bender, Liquid Liquid, Remko Scha, and others.

Surprisingly, one of the 13 tracks is at hand on Spotify.

Remko Scha – Katadeedo Daynatadoh 

Tellus #22 False Phonemes, 1987

Alexis Alrich – Didymus Set (Tango) 

Tellus #14 Just Intonation, 1986

Jamie Daglish and George Elliot – In the 80’s

Tellus #2, 1984

Cardboard Air Band – The Thermidor

Tellus #3, 1984

Kathryn High – Hospital Visit

Tellus #5 & #6 Special Double Audio Visual Issue, 1984

Gretchen Bender – Artificial Treatment

Tellus #21 Audio By Visual Artists, 1988

Rais Mahamad Ben Mohammed And Ensemble – Aouda Trio

Tellus #23 The Voices of Paul Bowles, 1989, rec. by Paul Bowles in 1959

Marjorie van Halteren – Dead of Summer

Tellus #11 The Sound of Radio, 1985

Woody Vasulka – The Commission

Tellus #17: Video Arts Music, 1987, exc.

Joshua Fried – New Live Dub

Tellus #8: USA/Germany, 1985, rec. 1983

R.I.P. Hayman – Nightsongs

Tellus #19 New Music China, 1988

Janice Sloane – Blow Sounds on the Nail

Tellus #10: All Guitars!, 1985

Liquid Liquid – Grove to Go

Tellus #12 Dance, 1986, rec. 1985

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