Round World

Round World

Traditional instruments and music – twisted by composers, improvisers, rockers, synthesists, industrial and electronic musicians. 47-minute program with works by Dariush Dolat-Shahi, Don Cherry, Harry Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band, Sun City Girls, and more, realized between 1967 and 1994.

Three of the ten tracks are not listed in the Spotify database.

23 Skidoo – Misr Wakening

gentle experimental percussion work, rooted in gamelan traditions (1984, Illuminated Records)

Futuro Antico – Sinikorò Kumà

cross culture project from Milan proposing ethno-electronic music (1980, Casal Gajardo Records)

Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Razm

composition with computer sounds and Persian lute, brought together at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (1985, Folkways Records)

Harry Hosono and The Yellow Magic Band – Shambhala Signal

exploring tropical grounds with synthesizers (1978, Alfa)

The 13th Tribe – Dream Hunters

ritualistic textures by an international orchestra of cross cultural musicians (1992, Review Records)

Max Eastley & David Toop – Buried Dreams

merging field recordings, samples and FX into a subtle, blurry soundscape (1994, Beyond)

The United States of America – Osamu’s Birthday

experimental rock band from Los Angeles approaching Japanese grounds (1967, Sundazed Music)

Sun City Girls – Kickin’ the Dragon

hallucinatory Far Eastern-inspired pseudo folk (1994, Abduction)

Butthole Surfers – Kuntz

processing a Luk Thung track, found on a tape from Thailand (1987, Touch & Go)

Don Cherry – Flute Song

intimate ceremony connecting East and West, recorded for Italian tv station RAI (1976, Black Sweat Records)

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