Round World – Twisted Musical Traditions

Traditional instruments and music – twisted by composers, improvisers, rockers, synthesists, industrial and electronic musicians. 43-minute program with works by The 13th Tribe, Don Cherry, Harry Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band, Sun City Girls, and more, realized between 1967 and 1994.

Featured cover art: 23 Skidoo – Urban Gamelan

23 Skidoo – Misr Wakening

gentle experimental percussion work, rooted in gamelan traditions (1984, Illuminated Records)

Futuro Antico – Eco Raga

cross culture project from Milan proposing ethno-electronic music (1980, Casal Gajardo Records)

The 13th Tribe – Dream Hunters

ritualistic textures by an international orchestra of cross cultural musicians (1992, Review Records)

Jon Hassell – Ordinary Mind

indeterminate mental and geographical landscape (1981, Editions EG)

Harry Hosono and The Yellow Magic Band – Shambhala Signal

exploring tropical grounds with synthesizers (1978, Alfa)

Max Eastley & David Toop – Buried Dreams

merging field recordings, samples and FX into a subtle, blurry soundscape (1994, Beyond)

The United States of America – Osamu’s Birthday

experimental rock band from Los Angeles approaching Japanese grounds (1967, Sundazed Music)

Sun City Girls – Kickin’ the Dragon

hallucinatory Far Eastern-inspired pseudo folk (1994, Abduction)

Butthole Surfers – Kuntz

processing a Luk Thung track, found on a tape from Thailand (1987, Touch & Go)

Don Cherry – Flute Song

intimate ceremony connecting East and West, recorded for Italian tv station RAI (1976, Black Sweat Records)

* four of the ten tracks are not listed in the Spotify database

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