White Lady From Maghreb

White Lady I called a cassette that I bought in Morocco in the early nineties. It was traditional music like on this tape that Paul Bowles recorded in the fifties and sixties on numerous trips throughout the country. The American author and composer lived from 1947 until his death in 1999 in Tangier, and artists from the Beat Generation like Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin or William Burroughs were regular guests.

This show was 94th in Mixcloud’s global experimental chart.

Cheikh Ayyad ou Haddou and Ensemble – Oukha Dial Kheir

music and dancing and magic in the streets, recorded by Paul Bowles (1959, Tellus)

Unknown Artist – Music in a Village of the Amara

ceremony in a mountain village, recorded by Paul Bowles (1960, Sub Rosa)

Paul Bowles – Points in Time XI

a few words and a field-recording open up a new world (1989, Tellus)

Zaan of the Jilala de Tanger – Osbah Solo

street recording by Paul Bowles (1978, Sub Rosa)

Paul Bowles – The Garden

short story by Paul Bowles (1964, Tellus)

Al Pleeka – Unknown Title

probably a procession (from the White Lady tape with no details)

Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz – Desert Equations (For Brion Gysin)

early ethno pop by two who know (1986, Crammed Discs)

Brion Gysin – Dreamachine

mesmerizing 33 minutes (1992, Made To Measure)

The Master Musicians of Joujouka – Your Eyes are like a Cup of Tea (Reprise with Flute)

music by a 4,000-year-old Rock’n’Roll band (1968, Rolling Stones Records)

William S. Burroughs + Gus van Sant – Images

a reading of Nova Express turned into a song (1985, Singles Only Label)

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