Seriously Ambient

The other Ambient – made for listening. 56-minute program with slow-paced music by Gescom, Jocy de Oliveira, Laurie Anderson, Paul De Marinis, Yasuaki Shimizu and others, made between 1968 and 2013.

Featured cover art: Philip Jeck – Loopholes

Jocy de Oliveira – Wave Song

inducing a peaceful state of mind, similar to achieving ‘alpha’ (1977, Blume)

Bernard Parmegiani – La Ville en Haut de la Colline

secret tune by the French electronic music pioneer (1968, Transversales Disques)

Paul De Marinis – Fonetica Francese

from a 1930s instruction record on how to sing the French language (1991, Lovely Music, Inc.)

Werner Durand – Hearthunters

flute patterns and electronically treated heartbeat-samples creating the sound of a village band going into outer space (2006, Sonic Arts Network)

Gescom – Yo! DMX Crew

industrial dance music from the Prix Ars Electronica winner’s MiniDisc only release (1998, OR)

Rashad Becker – Dances I

structural and sculptural challenging synthesized sounds (2013, Pan)

Christopher Hobbs – Aran

soft-centered piece of grittily resonance (between 1970-72, Obscure)

Laurie Anderson – Whirlwind

sound installation about time and disappearance at Berlin’s Sonambiente festival (1996, Prestel-Verlag)

Yasuaki Shimizu – Magic Stone

minimal music from Japan (2004, Invitation)

Connie Beckley – Triad Triangle

cooperation of a rhythmical phrase and mathematical knowledge (1977, One Ten Records)

Philip Jeck – Ulster Autumn

composition making use of record players and electronics (1995, Touch)

* only 6 of 11 tracks are available on Spotify

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