The Poetry Of DIY

The Poetry Of DIY

67-minute program of ideas being expressed with sound – made up trains, work with found sounds, or collective approaches in making music. Works by Die Tödliche Doris, Los Angeles Free Music Society, Mozart vs. Mesmer, Neu!, and others, realized between 1956 and 2016.

Only 6 of the 19 tracks are on Spotify.

Angus MacLise – Loft Collage

compellingly light collage with recordings from MacLise’s New York loft (1970, Table Of the Elements)

Los Angeles Free Music Society – “Tom’s Studio” Sessions: Pomperosity Pumps

rehearsal of artists who chose sound as their medium (1976, Alga Marghen)

Selten Gehörte Musik – 3. Berliner Dichterworkshop

musical experiments in a secluded atmosphere (1973, Tochnit Aleph)

Neu! – Super 78

the record player as an instrument (1973, Brain)

Jerry Lindahl – The Indian Elephant

playing with found sounds (1983, Tellus)

I Nipoti Del Faraone – Creepy

from the modular structured network TRAX final, retrospective release (1987, Trax)

Tom Recchion – Cara Mia

the potential of Easy Listening tunes (1985, Birdman Records)

Abweichendes Verhalten – Die Protopopows

New Wave from South Germany (1983, Transmitter Cassetten)

Die Tödliche Doris – Stigfinnareträffande II

art with minimal means (1983, Vinyl-on-demand)

Negativland – Keep Rollin’

no elements original to Negativland were used (2005, Seeland)

Can – Transcendental Express

music inspired by trains (1976, Harvest)

Gulfa-e-Ghani and Zareef – Train Rhythm Imitation

train imitation outside the Tehran station (1956, Sublime Frequencies)

Mozart vs. Mesmer – Mozart vs. Mesmer Pt.1

mesmerized by a loop (1995, Ash International)

Renaldo & The Loaf – A Convivial Ode

heralds of the weird (2016, Klanggalerie)

Greg Neutra / J.D. Elliot – Grieg Fatigue

out of the LAFMS orbit (1976, Los Angeles Free Music Society)

Tuli Kupferberg – Social Studies

interpreting found text (1966, ESP Disk)

Unit 08 / Unit 09 – Fishes

more music from the modular structured network TRAX (1982, Trax)

Amy Taubin – Don’t Stop

a summary (1981, Atavistic)

Angus & Hetty MacLise – Humming In The Night Skull

yet another outtake from MacLise’s archive (rec. btw. 1968 and 1972, Table Of The Elements)

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