Vibrant Spaces – Henri Chopin’s Sound Poetry

William Burroughs referred to Henri Chopin as an inner space explorer. Being one of the leading protagonists of avant-garde and experimental audio art during the second half of the 20th century, Chopin was among the first to make use of a tape recorder’s true potential. His recordings of abstracted and edited vocal techniques are based on radical approaches, such as swallowing microphones.

Featured cover art: Revue OU 38/39. Cinquième Saison.

This show was 90th in Mixcloud‘s global experimental chart.

Henri Chopin – Pêche de Nuit

an abstract radio play full of surprises (1957)

Henri Chopin – Le Ventre De Bertini

sounds from Bertini’s belly (1967)

Henri Chopin – Beginning

a short work, text/sound-style (1972)

Henri Chopin – Le Rire Est Debout

experimenting with variations in speed (1969)

Henri Chopin – Jeux De Présence

a lot of spoken elements (1980)

Henri Chopin – Le Soleil Est Mécanique

repetition as a striking element (1972)

Henri Chopin – Hoppa Bock

piece for Stockholm’s Text Sound Festival (1970)

Henri Chopin – Le Discours des Ministres

political piece censored by the French radio (1965)

Henri Chopin – La Chanson du Parlement Européen

combining two different sound worlds (1968)

Henri Chopin – Dynamisme Intégral

integrating different sounds dynamically (1966)

Henri Chopin – Dynamisme Intégral

integrating yet more different sounds dynamically (1973)

Henri Chopin – Vibrespace

describing a vibrating space (1963)

Henri Chopin – La Plaine Des Respirs Vivace Comme Il Se Doit

half hour long performance, rooted in over 40 years of experimenting with body sounds (exc., 2003/04)

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