Raga Not Raga

In India, ragas have evolved over thousands of years. They are associated with moods that come and go with the time of the day or the seasons. Since the sixties, Western musicians were inspired by them in various ways. Here are eight raga related works, realized between 1968 and 2016.

Featured cover art: Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / Jack Smith ‎– Dreamweapon I

This show was 96th in Mixcloud’s global experimental chart.

Terry Riley – The Ethereal Time Shadow

raga-inspired recreation of a devotional song by Sri Ramakrishna Parmahansa with two synthesizers (1981-82, excerpt)

Futuro Antico – Eco Raga

ethnoelectronic music from Milan (1980)

Organisation – Noitasinagro

no clear reference to Indian ragas, but of a somewhat related structuremade shortly before the band would transform into Kraftwerk (1970)

S.Y.P.H. – Musik zu zweit

probably making fun of German hippies and their craze for India (between 1977-86)

Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / Jack Smith – S.O.S.

from MacLise’s legacy, re-emerged from a suitcase round 2010 (ca. 1968)

Werner Durand with Amelia Cuni and Victor Meertens – Caressing the Air

a raga like atmosphere with dhrupad singing and continuous sounds (2012-2016)

La Monte Young – Map Of 49’s Dream The Two Systems Of Eleven Sets Of Galactic Intervals Ornamental Lightyears Tracery

approaching ragas with minimal means from New York City (1973)

Psycho Baba – Tablovedubla Pt.4

paying homage to traditional Indian music from Japan (1999)

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